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Nr. Comanda / Variabila Pentru Categorie Descriere detaliata
31 +moveleft client player strafes left
32 +moveright client player strafes right
33 +moveup client player moves player up - *climbing up a ladder, swimming up
34 +reload client player reloads current weapon
35 +right client player strafes right
36 +showscores client player shows player scores and pings
37 +speed client player forces player to walk if always run is enabled, and forces player to run if always run is disabled
38 +strafe client player strafe modifier - while this is held down, use direction keys to strafe in different directions
39 +use client player uses an item- such as a button, machine gun, etc.
40 addip server server admin adds an ip address to the filterban list - * use 0 minutes to make the addition permanent
41 alias "cmd1; cmd2" client player binds commands together in an alias to perform mutiple tasks at the hit of one button
42 allowupload client uploading/ downloading toggles the uploading of local decals and models to the server on/off
43 ambient_fade 100 client audio sets the distance at which ambient sounds fade away
44 ambient_level 0.300 client audio sets the sound level for ambient sounds
45 appenddemo client demo records a demo and appends it to the demo file in existence at Half-Life/Valve/demo.dem
46 autosave client player enables autosave feature
47 banid server server admin bans a player from a server using their uniqueid - get this unique id from the "users" command - 0 minutes is a permanent ban - **Version only
48 banid kick server server admin bans AND kicks a player from a server using their uniqueid - get this unique id from the "users" command - 0 minutes is a permanent ban - **Version only
49 bgetmod client player requests batch mod status
50 bgetsv client player requests batch server list
51 bgmbuffer 4096 client audio sets the CD audio buffer size
52 bgmvolume 0 client audio toggles CD audio on/off- * 1 is on, 0 is off
53 bind client player combines a with a command or alias
54 bottomcolor 6 client player sets the bottom color of the player model
55 brightness 1 client video enables glare reduction - *the higher the value, the brighter it gets
56 build client player displays the build menu to choose from sentry or dispenser - *engineer class only
57 c_maxdistance 200 client chase cam sets the maximum distance of the chase cam
58 c_maxpitch 90 client chase cam sets the maximum pitch of the chase cam
59 c_maxyaw 135 client chase cam sets the maximum yaw of the chase cam
60 c_minidistance 30 client chase cam sets the minimum distance of the chase cam

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